The Company RIGHINI INDUSTRIAL DIVISION S.r.l. is the sole agent and distributor, in Italy, of the Japanese Company KLEENTEK Corporation, manufacturer of Electrostatic Oil Cleaners for several industrial applications, including Gas Turbines and Compressors.

After notable achievements in the Italian market, (more than 110 cleaners installed on turbines), Righini got exclusivity for some Middle East Countries. EES cooperates with RIGHINI INDUSTRIAL DIVISION S.r.l. for promotion and marketing of KLEENTEK oil cleaners in the UAE.

The KLEENTEK Electrostatic Oil Cleaners have a proven track record, having been successfully installed on several Gas Turbines and Steam Turbines of different makes, including GE, Siemens, Ansaldo, MHI, Alstom, etc

The KLEENTEK ELC (Electrostatic Liquid Cleaner) is the only technology able to remove, without any filter media, any kind of contaminant from the oil, regardless of its size and its nature. Therefore KLEENTEK is the sole technology also able to remove 100 % of insoluble oil oxidation products (varnish).

KLEENTEK Electrostatic Oil Cleaners offer significant and unexpected benefits to turbine users, both from a technical and an economic point of view.
Reliable, trip-free valve performance. Maximum reliability and effectiveness of the whole system.
Maintenance and running cost reduction. Avoidance of unplanned outages.
Extended oil service life. The elimination of the need for costly system flushes.
Varnish-free lubrication and hydraulic oil circuit. Reduction in bearing and gear wear.
Improved heat exchanger performance and easier to control oil temperature.
Extended seal and O-Ring life.

The return on investment of KLEENTEK Electrostatic Oil Cleaners is really unmatched and impressive. A highly innovative tool, essential for the efficiency and reliability of turbines, KLEENTEK electrostatic cleaner is a strategic piece of equipment which will enhance a company’s overall profitability and competitiveness.