EES can provide the complete range of Gas Turbine spare parts and components, for the following models of Gas Turbines:
- GE Frame-5, Frame-6 and Frame-9E Gas Turbines
- SIEMENS and ANSALDO V64.3 and V94.2 Gas Turbines
- ALSTOM D10; E11; E13E2
- WSTINGHOUSE W251B; W501D and W701D Gas Turbines
The range of products includes:
- Turbine Buckets / Blades
- Compressor Blades
- Nozzles & Vanes
- Shrouds
- Combustion liners
- Machine consumable spares

EES can deliver outsourced parts, either new or used.


Rotating Equipment Services

EMINENTEES offers delivery of comprehensive solutions for the maintenance, overhaul, repair, retrofit and upgrade of turbo-machinery for the Power Generation and Oil & Gas industries.

EES provides comprehensive services for
- Schedule Maintenance, including Major Overhauls, Hot Gas Path Inspection and Combustion Inspection
- Emergency / breakdown maintenance
- Retrofits and Upgrades
EMINENT- Provision of Specialist Engineers, Field Technical Advisors and Supervisors

Heavy Duty frame Steam Turbine Field Services - Schedule Maintenance, repairs of any type of large or small Steam Turbines, Generators and associated equipment

Generator Field Services
- Inspection, Repair & Maintenance of Generators of Gas Turbines and Steam Turbines of various capacities and makes
EMINENT- Scheduled Maintenance including Major Inspections and Re-wedging
- Electrical Tests on Stator and Rotor
- Erection & commissioning, repair and Major overhaul of all Type of Turbo-Compressors, Load Gear Boxes, Turbo Blowers, Mills, Fans

Electrical & Instrumentation Works
- Electrical works – Erection, testing and commissioning of
EMINENT• Transformer & Bus Ducts
• Incoming/Outgoing Feeder Panels,
• Protection Relays
• HV,MV & LV Panels
• Substations and Switchyard
• Cable laying & Termination
• Earthing & Lighting system

Operations & Maintenance

EES provides Operations & Maintenance (“O&M”) resources and services for Thermal and Gas Turbine Power Plants, including complete turnkey operations models. For flexibility and optimal results, we offer customized and tailor made solutions to suit individual requirements of our Clients, with right synergies to develop a commercial model to accomplish the business goals.

Relocation of Gas Turbine Power Plants

The Gas Turbine Relocation projects are generally fast-tracked and often involve multi-tasking, within a strict time frame. The relocation of a used gas turbine-generator Power Plant is different from a new Plant installation.
EES can perform relocation, offering a complete range of services on turn-key basis, applying the best engineering practices. The project generally involves the following tasks:
- Dismantling
- Plant condition assessment
- Sequential marking
- Engineering
eminent- Dismantling
- Packing
- Inland Transport & Marine Transport, as applicable
- Reconditioning of parts and procurement of spares, as necessary
- Re-installation
- Testing
- Commissioning & Handing over

Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Gas Turbine Power Plants

Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Gas Turbine Power Plants, Steam Turbine Power Plants, Boilers and other plant equipment on turn-key basis, applying the best engineering practices.

Retrofits & Modifications

EES can provide assistance, engineering and consulting services to perform retrofits and modifications, including fuel system conversions, auxiliary system modification, instrumentation, and control system modification.

Such upgrades and modifications can improve component durability leading to reduction in maintenance costs. Often the modifications and upgrade improve configuration of the GT systems, providing modern alternatives to obsolete components and systems, helping in life-extension of the components / GT.

Control System Upgrades

EES and its associates can provide engineering assistance and supply necessary hardware and technical support to complete a control system upgrade in all respects. The package typically includes overall system design; interface hardware, software, installation, testing and commissioning.

The scope includes supply of all the necessary drawings, training manuals for testing / commissioning and integration of O&M manuals.